Damage Tagging

Building shopper trust through transparency

A key part of the shopping experience

With almost every consumer now conducting the majority of their buying research online, transparency is critical to building trust. Trying to hide defects and blemishes behind glossy images simply doesn’t work.

That’s why we developed an automated, easy to use solution for dealers and wholesales to clearly tag vehicle damage directly on the VDP. By helping consumers understand the true condition of a vehicle BEFORE they ever arrive on your lot, you’ll build shopper trust and eliminate hidden surprises that create shopper dissatisfaction.

Build buyer confidence while enhancing the shopper experience

Reduce shopper frustration and price negotiating

Increase shopper satisfaction and drive more sales

A comprehensive condition reporting solution

Provide close-up images and details on type and severity of damage

Visually distinguish vehicle features from damage tags for increased visibility

Tag up to 45 discrete interior and exterior locations for accurate damage visualisation

Seamless Syndication

ABR effortlessly integrates into your current image export and feed processes. By automatically delivering edited SRP images to third party listing sites, you gain the edge you need to stand out from other dealer listings.

Ideal for Auction Wholesalers

Extend vehicle evaluation capabilities beyond traditional condition reports and static photos

Increase transparency and visibility of damage condition reporting for online buyers, reducing arbitration

Enhance your shopping experience and customer satisfaction

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