SpinCar Capture
Dealership Photography

A simple to use Smartphone App for iPhone and Android that ensures great vehicle photography, no matter who is taking the pictures.

  • Customisable structured process

  • Wireless, one touch uploading

  • Automatic Hero Shot background blur or removal

  • VIN scanner and type-ahead data entry

  • Image cloning for same year, make, model and colour vehicles

  • Intelligent Reporting of website shopper behaviour

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Customisable, structured process

SpinCar Capture’s photography work-flow ensures image consistency across your entire inventory, no matter who takes the photos.

The list is completely customisable to suit your Dealership’s requirements.

Easy car photography app

One-touch, wireless upload

SpinCar capture is the fastest and easiest way to get your vehicle images online.

VIN Scanning and type-ahead data entry

VIN Scanning and type-ahead data entry reduces the chance of errors.

Automated Background Removal

Digital imaging technology that makes your vehicles shine

For vehicle images that stand out from the crowd

SpinCar’s Automated Background Removal (ABR) technology enables you to showcase your inventory with clean, consistent, professional-looking images.

Powered by an adaptive computer vision algorithm, Automated Background Removal is a cost-effective solution that can be implemented in less than a day. And real-time photo editing enables dealers to instantly remove background clutter from all hero shot photos, ensuring compliance with OEM-mandated requirements.

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Multiple Treatment Options for Increased Flexibility

First-party data that helps you convert shoppers into buyers

The key to sales lies in identifying and addressing a customer’s unique needs. That’s easy in a dealership setting, but for interactions with online shoppers, a different approach is required.

SpinCar’s Shopper Intelligence platform provides dealers with deep insights into shopper behaviour, before they arrive at the showroom.


Adaptive algorithm updates all Hero images automatically


Background edits instantly applied upon photo upload

Cost Effective

Requires no manual editing or intervention


Restore individual vehicle backgrounds if desired

Stand out from your competition

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