Sales AI

Superior conversational AI that enhances BDC performance

Personalized engagement at scale

As the vehicle shopping journey continues to move online, retailers have been forced to find better ways to engage and nurture the hundreds of inbound leads they receive each month.

With Sales AI’s advanced conversational technology, dealerships are able to deliver instant, personalized responses to every shopper inquiry. Using automated communication protocols and machine learning algorithms, Sales AI optimizes lead conversion rates by ensuring consistent and recurring follow-up for every digital lead that is submitted to a dealership.

Proven ROI for your dealership

Ensures 100%
follow-up and maximum lead engagement for up to 51 days

Increases staff productivity and focus on highest-value leads

Qualifies and hands off ready-to-buy shoppers to your sales team

Automatically schedules appointments in your CRM system

23% lift in appointments set

Increase BDC efficiency and sales effectiveness

Delayed response times, incomplete replies and inconsistent follow-up create lost opportunities. After-hours lead submissions represent up to 40% of a dealer’s lead volume – and it can take up to 9 follow-ups before a lead responds.

Sales AI immediately engages all leads, intelligently handling detailed questions at any time and following up for 51 days with outreach designed to re-engage each prospective buyer. By moving leads further along the buying process, Sales AI intelligently qualifies shoppers, handing off ready-to-buy consumers to Sales staff. Dealerships avoid chasing down bad or low-value leads, focusing instead on the highest-value opportunities and strategic activities.

Prospective buyers love Sales AI’s quick, comprehensive replies

Driving immediate results for dealers

“An initial AI response went out at 3:30 a.m. because that’s when the lead came in. This customer was probably working the night shift. I wouldn’t have responded to his email until 9 a.m. in the morning, and he wouldn’t have responded to my email until after 5 p.m. when I would have already left the dealership. It would have just been a constant battle trying to get ahold of this customer on his schedule. But we had Julia (the name of the AI) reach out and set the appointment for a date that works for the customer – and this all happened in the first day that we went live, overnight! This is a perfect example of why we needed this tool and why we see a lot of value in this moving forward!”

Mason Parker, Marketing Director, Ashland Motors

Seamless integration

Sales AI integrates seamlessly with all major dealer CRM systems, requiring no process change for your internet sales staff. It appends and updates lead details in real time, automatically scheduling appointments with no need for human intervention. Sales AI is fully configurable and customizable according to specific dealer preferences.

Intelligently answers VIN-specific queries with details and helpful visuals

Authentic dialogue that feels real

Using natural language processing and machine learning, Sales AI engages consumers in friendly and responsive human-like conversations, employing sentiment and intent analysis to keep shoppers engaged. Sales AI guides in-market shoppers toward a showroom appointment or call with the sales staff, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates.


Consumers walk into the dealership asking for the AI virtual assistant by name – that’s the power of Sales AI.

Give shoppers the personalized experience they desire 24/7/365.

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