Shopper Intelligence

Understand prospective buyers in a whole new way

First-party data that helps you convert shoppers into buyers

The key to success lies in identifying and addressing a customer’s unique needs. That’s easy in a dealership setting, but for interactions with online shoppers, a  different approach is required.

SpinCar’s Shopper Intelligence platform provides dealers with deep insights into shopper behavior, before they arrive at the showroom.

Insights that help dealers understand what’s really driving buyer decisions

Performance Enthusiast

Safety Conscious

Shopper location data that enables more targeted sales follow-up


“Stop in for a test drive.”

At/Near a Competing Dealer?

“Stop in for a special offer.”

Put your data to work

Intelligent reporting


Reports delivered directly to sales reps in an easily digestible format.

Seamless integrations


Integrates seamlessly with dealer DMPs and CRM platforms.

Real-time updates


Real-time updates ensure the most accurate shopper profiles.

Secure and compliant


Fully encrypted and compliant with GDPR and US privacy regulations.

Turbocharge your sales efforts

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